Golf Equipment

The best Golf Equipment for your game

To play golf and score well, you need to play with confidence.
Using the right golf equipment, clubs that you feel comfortable with, will help you to play your shots with more freedom and conviction. The last thing you want is to play a crucial shot with clubs that you do not believe you can hit well.

Selecting the right golf equipment for you can be matter of trial and error. This is especially true for a high handicapper as they do not hit the ball consistently enough to hit a few shots and know which club they hit the best. If you belong to a golf club that has a golf shop, you could use a few sets of second hand clubs to play a few rounds with. You can then use this knowledge to purchase the clubs that you find suits you best.

When selecting clubs, the driver should be high on the list of finding one that suits you and you are really happy with. It is not easy to hit straight and often gets you into difficulty which ruins your score. For the rest of the golf equipment you can be less selective about, with the exception of the sand wedge, which you tend to use a lot to scramble around the greens.

No matter what golf equipment you use, if your golf swing is not correct, your results will be less than desirable.

The right golf equipment with the correct golf swing is what you should be seeking if you want to shoot the scores you dream of.